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Joyful Night
Just A. Friend's Prayer
Marital Love (A Definition)
One Road, Different Paths
Firm Tree
Heavenly Howdown
Love And Obediance
My Love Desires Your Love
With Not Much To Say
Your Invitation From The Leader
 Admiration Tears

 Joyful Night
There is nothing heavy on my heart tonight Lord, it is filled with joy,
I'm so excited about Your name!
Sweet mercies upon my head, these multiple kisses You employ,
Oh my God, I will never stand in shame.

I'm speechless now, my lips do not utter a sound,
My soul speaks quite loud,
Your voice, my Shepherd, is heard and has no bounds,
My heart is weightless upon Your cloud.

This psalm I write tonight I hope you will find quite good,
Though my words come from within,
I know I fail to glorify You daily like I should,
But forever my soul will sing, endless praises until the very end.

 Just A. Friend's Prayer
My friend, I'm thinking of you this moment,
Your smile, your words and your friendship,
I wanted to send a word of atonement,
My words of few, by my own authorship.

When my dreams soar to the stars, your encouragement just begins,
As my life shatters to pieces on the floor, you reconnect my puzzle,
The time I thought I was alone, you reached out your caring hand,
When I needed a laugh, you were there to make me chuckle.

Life is a roller coaster, it is safe to know I will have a wild ride,
Day by day, up traveling to the mountains, and down to the valleys,
When you accidentally fail to support me, God will never leave our side,
Friendship is not a game of wins and losses, for God does not keep the tally.

So my friend, as another day is here,
Remember me, you will be in my payer,
When the valleys are next, never fear,
You may not remember the upcoming mountaintop, but you will receive my care.

Have an awesome day!
Just A. Friend (just a prayer)

 Marital Love (A Biblical Definition)
Love is respecting another's self-identity, passions, dreams and God's creation. (Gen 20:13)
Love symbolizes one's commitment to follow God's will in a relationship, even if their earthly love is shattered. (Gen. 22:2)
Love inspires us to work harder and press towards beating all odds, in order to form a relationship. (Gen. 29)
Love is not lying at another's feet, but supporting each side along the path of life. (Gen 29:32)
Relationships may fail, but love keeps two people trying for God's success. (Ex. 15:13)
Relationships guided by God's love will be an example to future generations. (Ex. 20:6)
Love for another is an act of worship to God, for it was through Him that love was created and we are all images of our Creator. (Gen. 2:21-25)
Love is following in Christ's shadow and leading your mate to do the same. (Max Lucado, “On The Anvil”)

 One Road, Different Paths
It has often been said, “There is only one road to heaven,”
However, my heart is in disagreement,
For God made everyone's road unique and different,
But as children of God, we will meet together at the end.

Therefore, it is in encouragement that I urge you,
Do not cast your eyes on another follower,
For each person is designed for a different calling to persue,
Keep your eyes focused on Jesus, your faith will guide you farther.

So my friend, encourage one another to take one step at a time,
For in following Christ, trust is a virtue,
Travel these roads less traveled, for at the end together with the Father we will dine,
Our various legacies will live forever, for people will have seen Christ walking this road in front of you.

 Firm Tree  (Psalm 1:1-3)
Lord, make me a tree, tall and strong,
Near Your crystal clear water is where I belong,
Trusting and growing daily trough Your word,
My fruit is produced while my branches grow upward.

Let me be a place where others can come rest,
My shade and my fruit through You can be the best,
Lying by Your still waters, through me the lost will see You,
Their thirst will be quenched, their joy renewed.

Oh Father, please use me in this way,
I desire to serve only You this day,
May I stand firm, planted by Your waterside,
Day by day, Lord use me, for it is only in Your foundation I stand tall in Christ.

 Heavenly Hoedown
Oh I hate country music,
That accent and the dancing too,
But even though God created music,
In heaven, it will be His beat we will be dancing to.

So honey, I still love you,
Even though I burned all of your country cd's,
Of course I will still dance with you,
Because in heaven, there will be absolutely no country!

I will raise a banner, oh so high,
No more George Strait or Garth Brooks,
Thank God, I will kick them country boots off so high,
While I dance to rock music, together we will lift heaven's roof.

Jesus will get his “groove on,”
While the Father “breaks the party down” - it's eccentric,
As the devil's evil eyes look on,
Satan will hear only country music in his lair, and then my friend, Satan “wept.”

 Love And Obedience
“Do you love God?” A question often asked,
Quickly you answer, “Yes” and then feel relaxed,
“However, my friend, do you obey him in your life?”
Your lips stay sealed, your eyes wonder in fright.

You see, love is obedience, and God desires your heart,
Do you really follow Him or does sin keep you apart,
His mercy reaches to those who long to obey,
Through the darkness they will follow Him each struggling day.

Obedience and trust is the foundation of our relationship,
We all have the decision as to whom will guide our ships,
Though even if you give the Lord your life's steering wheel,
You must follow the Captain's commands and then the rain of true love you will feel!

 My Love Desires Your Love
Your love reaches even to me,
As I once sat here, lonely and empty,
Those tears of mercy that once flowed down Your cheeks,
Now are flowing over Your creation, being me.

I don't understand how this Agape love can be mine,
How is Your heart so large, never-ending?
I've stumbled and turned against you countless times,
Yet it's this rain of Your love that I'm, still receiving.

My Savior, remember how we spat on Your head?
It was our sin that hung your body on a cross,
When it was “finished,” our hope was ultimately dead,
God, You gave up Your only Son, a priceless cost.

I'm not worthy of this resurrected love,
You were thinking of me, dying on Calvary's tree,
Your love is crystal white, like a soaring dove,
At Your feet, I accept Your love, Oh my King, You will never stop loving me!

Like paintings at an exhibit, You give Your creations pride,
Hanging each on a wall for its different purpose,
Yet you love each masterpiece, not one will You hide,
Each exposed to You, Oh my King, only You know what lies beneath the surface.

Let this be my prayer, Oh God, receive my cry,
Touch each human heart this day, let the lonely be comforted by You,
In this world of hatred and darkness, Lord it was for Your creations that you died,
Let your love be seen by the blind, let the lost and the lonely become humble to You.

Lord I love You,, for it is You I crave,
Lord I love You, I am in awe of Your love,
Lord I love You, I hunger for Your love this day,
Lord I love You, let me shine with Your love, in the heaven's above, flying high on the clear white wings, of Your dove.  

 With Not Much To Say
With not much to say, no unspeakable joy,
I can feel You molding my life Lord, softening this clay,
But this is yet another day, shouts of praise I should employ,
For You are the creator of all, Lord let this be Your day.

I want to live for You, for at times the world may look at me,
Their eyes are dreary from the darkness some have seen,
I want to shine with Your light, just like You I want to be,
Just like You, my Savior, I want to endure the suffering.

Who knows what lies in the next few hours of my life,
But Lord, You hold my time in Your hands, my future You can see,
Before I was even brought into existence, You knew when I would die,
So with every breath I take, Lord, shine through me.

Help me to realize that I am dust without Your touch,
Let me look to You when I suffer down the valleys,
Your mercy comes to reach me Lord, You love me so much,
I want to be like You Lord, for when the world sees me, I want them to see You shining.

 Your Invitation From The Leader
You are invited to travel an adventure,
The road is clear to Me, but hazy to you,
Timeless storms followed by clear weather,
But you will find yourself at places with an incredible view.

My child, you can follow Me, staying in my shadow,
I have traveled and created this road, it is My life,
If you stumble, I will catch you with My stronghold,
But be warned, to follow me, you must die.

For it is written, “If anyone desires to come after Me,
Let him deny himself and take up his cross,”
Only then will you be able to follow with glory,
But this great reward comes with a cost.

My child, I do not follow you, but you are invited to follow Me,
I am your God, your Abba Father and I love you,
This journey is My desire to work through you - indeed,
Let Me be your guide into your unknown, draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.

 Admiration Tears
Writing with an uneasy heart tonight,
I don't understand these feelings inside,
Oh God, I know You are here,
Please sit beside me and wipe away these tears.

What circumstances have led to this distress?
No troubles of this magnitude do I have to confess,
Lord, it was upon loosing a dear friend that you wept,
But you rose him from the dead - happiness You kept.

God, raise my happiness from the tomb, please tell my joy to come forth,
I hate feeling angered and in distressed, I know I am to You great worth,
Lord, stay by my side and lead the way,
My mind will stay focused on You, regardless of what my feelings may say.

As my wet face lies on this pillow to rest this night,
Lord, renew my heart and my mind through Your might,
Oh God, You will rise up the sun, glowing with light in the morning,
May I rise up in joyous song - Your name will I be adoring!