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The Shepherd's Voice
Mother's Day Poem

Life is such a thrill ride,
So many unexpected twists and turns,
High hills and low dips,
Yet there is a fire in my heart that continues to burn.

Always thinking about tomorrow,
What about today?
This life is a gift,
But can also be taken away.

God is with me always,
Though my feelings may doubt,
He has held me in His hands,
In His eyes, I am never left out.

“If God is for me, who can be against me?”
A question I ask myself,
Though this world answers with unexpected trials,
God's hands are holding me for help.

It is in this time of trial, that I gain my hope,
Focusing on today, seizing my time,
Glorifying God as He works in my life,
We will conquer this together Lord, soaring oh so very high!

 Mother's Day Poem