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Merciful Hands, Eyes, Mind & Heart
HIS Masterpiece
On Demand
Satisfying Remade
Raindrops From Heaven
Lead On Bright Star
Life 101
A Maze Of Friends

 Merciful Hands, Eyes, Mind And Heart
My hands I use to worship my God through rhythm,
My eyes follow You Lord, eventually leading to heaven,
My mind spins, trying to grasp Your love for Your sinful servant,
My heart beats for Your word, the fire that keeps life persistent.

Actions not pleasing to You Father, I know I commit,
Looking at the darkness, feeling shame I can admit,
Thinking down roads that I should trust in Your leading,
Desiring earthly values, which are worthless upon my exiting.

But still You catch my hand as it slips past Your touch,
Your eyes never leave this child, life can never shield your clutch,
Psalms of praise and encouragement empower my soul in times of trial,
In the lonely darkness, Your merciful arms surround this child.

So forever more, I command my hands to hail Your name,
Never from my sight will I loose Your precious gain,
Though my human comprehension still stands in awe of Your unfailing mercy,
My love will never be expressed enough, for when I cannot reach out for Your hand, Your merciful love will never fail me.

The silver glow of the offering plate catches your eye,
Giving to Your Father has never been such a prize,
Digging deep into your pocket, you feel anger tug your heart,
For it is on this altar of un-reconciliation, that keeps you and God apart.

Your heart pumps knives of sharp pain, anger and sorrow,
But your mind turns and says; “forgiveness can take place tomorrow,”
However, you sit, cold, dark, alone, feeling abused by another,
Do you think you can offer God happiness while you suffer?

My friend, life is not meant for such dark anger and pain,
Reconciliation will bring you light, and your faith, you will truly gain,
From Jesus' lips came the words, “love your enemy” and “turn the other cheek,”
To offer glory to Your Father, it is the task of forgiveness you must complete.

God does not delight in offerings from sorrow, angered and cold felt hearts,
Though the Father's hands desire to hold you, my friend, it is with the darkness you must part,
A time of offering is coming soon; will you be prepared to delight Your Father this day?
The sun sets regardless of your actions, days will continue to pass you by, the Father waits for your forgiving embrace.

 HIS Masterpiece
Your pillow lays damp by the tears fear placed in your eyes,
Tossing and turning, wrestling with the darkness by your side,
Thoughts, dreams, memories seem to circle through your head,
Lying in Satan's chains, you seem to wish you were dead.

The world seems to trap their prey in such a deep, lonely corner,
As the darkness increases, the fire just seems warmer,
The puzzle of their life lies broken, shattered but not gone,
Yet many give up their masterpiece before they see the morning dawn.

Oh my friend, hope is near your side, the hand is open wide,
Your life was not meant to be connected alone, but instead lead by a guide,
Though the flames of this world may try to melt your faith,
You will one day see the fire extinguished walking through heaven's gates!

Hold your head high, with Jesus' hand in your grasp,
He holds you in your torment, my friend, he holds your life map,
Never fear that your puzzle will not appear quite right,
For in the end, if your faith remains strong, God's masterpiece in you will be a potter's delight!

So as the sun seems to fade away within the dark, heavy clouds,
Clutch the cross, hear the gentle whisper of the Lord calling within the clouds,
He sees every tear that rolls softly down your cheeks,
But He put your feet on His created soil for a purpose, you are His child, and with faith,
His beautiful masterpiece.

 On Demand
The Gold Pass lies in your hands,
Unlimited access on demand,
Always a voice listening on the other end,
Open early, late; never closed for the weekends.

As troubles arise, this service never fails to respond,
Though patience you must learn, answers will call at the dawn,
A crying shoulder, a coach, a trophy case,
You must follow, can you keep up the pace?

A telephone is not required, most prefer their knees,
No one eight hundred numbers, but trusting for relief,
Prayer is an honor, for you have the direct connection,
Kneeling before the throne of the Father, in humble admiration.

His guidance is the light in the darkest life storms,
The words He speaks has the ability to transform,
Busy signals in His gates do not exist,
If you ask for advice, He will never resist.

The question still lies in your hands,
Will use this service on demand?
Free, filling, peaceful and powerful,
Stronger than the advice of man, go on demand to the Creator for counsel.

 Satisfying Remade
Walking through my Father's store, a bottle falls in my hand,
It reads, Satisfaction Guaranteed,” but with no labeled brand,
The liquid inside appeared clear like rain,
Pure sensation that could cure any pain.

The price I found was indefinitely free,
Though many bottles remained on the shelf, how could this be?
As I approached the storeowner, He was restocking the shelves,
More free bottles, with no limits, so I helped myself.

As my sinful eyes met His compassionate face,
I knew what power I was holding, this bottle of grace,
Filled with mercy, the pure tear drops of a loving Father,
The cure for a sinful heart, the answer to carry one's faith farther.

“My child,” He said to me, “Why do you question my love?”
My heart pounded as He broke the bottle, my eyes looked above,
Gentle drops of joy, compassion undoubtedly called mercy,
Peaceful love, patiently flowed down to me.

Again, in peace, I looked up to my Father's eyes,
While He was softly, patiently holding me, waiting for a reply,
Conforted by His arms, a tear of my own floated down my face,
“Lord,” I asked, “Why do others never open your bottle of grace?”

The store remains open, the doors never lock,
The Father is always present with countless bottles in stock,
Children of God, come home to the store, you need not to suffer alone,
Your Father is waiting, with arms wide open - Oh children of God please come home!

 Raindrops From Heaven
Did you see the footprints love made across the earth?
Can you feel the excitement in love's extraordinary birth?
Do you long to know this love that changed eternity?
Did you hear the message love speaks so clearly?

Love is planted in action, not in stillness, nor lonely dark nights,
Love is patient, pure, saving and restoring sinner's sight,
Love is still living amongst some of us,
Walking in the shadows of our first example, Jesus.

But my friend, love still lives this day,
Jesus served as a messenger, clearing love's way,
God did not give you feet for only resting on His word,
Your mission is to present the message, love, the direction is forward!

However, your umbrella must be put away, God's love must rain on your life,
Trusting in the Maker of hearts to guide and direct you to newfound heights,
As you look to the sky, standing in awe of the raindrops falling from above,
Sing in the rain all God's children, let the rest of the world look to you, for your reflection will surely show God's everlasting love.

Dancing in the rain, playing in the sunshine,
In my life, God is definitely alive,
My soul sings sweet melodies to my awesome God,
Lord, I have caught Your bait and dance on Your fishing line.

My eyes shine with excitement, my heart filled with joy,
Praises to Your name Lord, I will forever employ,
Within the darkness you deliver rescuing light,
My life now serves as a gift for your delight.

Forever may my heart longs for You Lord,
Let me receive Your love, these mercies I do not afford,
But I will never cease to dance, even underneath Your throne,
As You say, “Well done My child, welcome home!”

 Lead On Bright Star
Lead on, where You go, I will follow,
My Lord, and Savior, I will never leave Your shadow,
Crossing through the deepest valleys, soaring through the sky,
I will sing to You my Father, it is only in You that I most delight.

Soaring through the sky like a radiant shooting star,
Following Your light, my faith will travel oh so very far,
Passing the stillness of the night, wishing for others to join me,
Lord, Your joy shines well through my eyes, as You lead me to eternity!

Clutching Your hand while the waves of life roll below,
Lord I have faith in You, I trust You alone,
But please, let my light reach out to the dark,
Though I will have to go into the night, it is there Your light will shine afar.

In the times in which I choose to ignore Your call,
You will always be behind me, Your arms catching my fall,
Once again I have overlooked You, the Great Shepherd is to lead,
I am not the source of the light, Lord, I ask You to shine through me.

My feet stay in place, until I give my leadership up to You,
For it is in Your eyes my future is clear, I will try to follow everything You do,
But if my light turns into night, when I believe I can lead,
Lord You will never leave me, it is in Your arms You will carry me to eternity.

 Life 101
Class pay attention, the test is nearing soon,
This information in your hands is your deliverance from doom,
Study the manual, let my words play a role in your life,
If you accept the noted guidelines, you will shine with my light.

This quiet time you offer me is my chance to teach you my will,
With patience, my children the largest life waves can become still,
Devotion to this class is a choice only you can make,
An offer to you my children, the test regardless you will still take.

For those who I recognize at the end of this exam called life,
Will join me and my Father in heavenly paradise,
Make your choice now my children, the exam is on your desk,
This is your decision, for you are God's creation; but it is only through the teacher's tutoring that you can pass this test.
Class dismissed.

 A Maze Of Friends
Frustrated life complications come once again my way,
I'm left at the maze, but the Lord has not lead me astray,
Smelling the odor of the sweet streets of heaven that lie at the end,
My eyes will remain forward, my heart beats until the very end.

Like a mouse used for study is dropped into a maze,
I search desperately, for it is the end I crave,
Though corners try to lead to a depressed dead end,
Upon the smell of His mercy, I will seek my Father and start again.

Once in a while, I might cross a few lost friends,
Joining with me in the travel, we will form three unbreakable strands,
Pushing each other towards the goal, devotions never ending,
With friends like these God's prize is even more worth winning.

You are my friend in Christ, take this hand of mine,
Traveling through this maze of darkness, we will let our light shine,
God is with us both, for we are all His children,
Taking one step at a time, together with Christ until the very end; and even then we will be together, still friends.