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Devotions and Curriculum Links
(In Order from earliest to the present, click to view.)

1. "Clay" Devotion
2. "Follow The Peter" Graphic
3. "Follow The Peter" Devotion
4. "Suck The Rug" Devotion
5. "Your Invitation, If You Choose To Accept It" (A 13 week curriculum)
                             (Thie above link requires use of Microsoft Word 2000 to access successfully. Right click and click "Save target as" to download. Feel free to email me with link errors or difficulties).

6. "Relaxation: Beneficial Or Superficial?" (Devotion)
7. Ecclesiastes 4:7-12 (In reference to family function)
8. Job's Question; God's Answer (A Research Paper)
9.  2 Tough Questions For The Author (A Testimony)

 "Clay" Devotiotion

 "Follow The Peter" Graphic

 "Follow The Peter" Devotion