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On December 4th, 2003 I met Michael W. Smith! Check out the poem I gave him called, "Thank You For Leading Me Home."

 (Click on the picture below to view the author's photo albums including "Images Of War," "Mexico 2003," "College Memories," and pictures dedicated to various ministry experiences).

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 Dear reader,
Within this site lies a story of a Christian, falling into the valleys and soaring to the mountaintops. I decided to write poetry as a hobby, but as I soon found out, God can use a writer's heart for His purpose. When I began writting, I found myself in a valley - depressed, confused and lost. Through poetry and a devotion nightly, I can now face both the valleys and mountaintops with God's leading hands. I still write today and God continues to reveal lessons through my life. Enjoy reading and please check back often, for I should be adding new poems weekly.

Bethany Searle

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